Express the accomplishment of the interpretation in monitoring reports

When a Policy Governance® (PG) board requires a monitoring report, the CEO will begin by stating the policy (so the reader will not have to look it up), and then will describe his or her interpretation of the policy. Note that the interpretation will include operational definitions and expected metrics.

The next part of the monitoring report will include the accomplishment of the interpretation. [The rest of this article is in the next pane. If you cannot see it, please click on the title.]

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This means that the board member, reading the report, will know how the board’s words were interpreted, what metrics are used to measure the results, and then exactly what is the current situation with regard to the board’s policy.

This is a small but significant change to the example monitoring reports that are suggested in the text book by John and Miriam Carver, Reinventing Your Board and to the templates that I have provided to clients. The point here is that while the PG model may not demand this level of detail, it is, consistent with the model, and the Carvers are now teaching it. As part of the practice of PG, we consider it to be necessary.

This article is part of a series of articles exploring better ways of providing monitoring in a Policy Governance environment. I am grateful to have been able to collaborate with Sherry Jennings for all aspects of this project.

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