Making Policy – Canadian Federal Policy

Making (Canadian Federal) Policy by Glen Milne

Making (Canadian Federal) Policy by Glen Milne

Have you ever wondered how the Canadian government operates? I don’t mean the way it is described in high school text books — this is about how it really works.

Maybe you are not just wondering. You may have an important issue. Do you know how to move it on to the federal agenda?

Here is the practical manual that sorts out the machinery for you. You won’t find it at your local lumber store.

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This article is not about Policy Governance®. It is about the way the current Canadian government makes and implements policy.

Canadians are very polite, most of the time. We have lots of special interest groups who would like to convince their government to do this or stop doing that. Often they are not effective.

Many times I find that Canadians believe that when they see that their government is missing the point and performing in a manner that seems unacceptable, what they think they need to do is explain the situation to the appropriate official or politician. The attitude is that if their position is properly explained, the official will slap his or her forehead, and say, “Ohm’gosh, I never realized! Now that you have told me about this, I will get right on it an we’ll have it fixed in a jiffy.”

“We are making our case,” the groups explain. But the people they talk to listen, and then nothing happens. If you are going to make your point, and be effective, you should know how the system works.

The (Canadian) Federal Policy Marketplace

The (Canadian) Federal Policy Marketplace

Glen Milne’s little book, Making Policy – A guide to the Federal Government’s Policy Process provides a road map. This is a practical guide written by an insider.

While it includes advice about how to make your point, it is really a practical manual to the machinery that is used by the Prime Minister to influence our lives. This small 70-page manual is the best book on the subject I’ve seen.

Making Policy is updated regularly, and the copy that I just acquired was rewritten last spring to describe the processes currently implemented by the Prime Minister.

The book is privately published, and if you want a copy you will have to buy it directly from Glen Milne — it is not available in book stores. To find out about Milne and this book follow this link to his web site.

I learned about the book when a copy was loaned to me by a friend who was once a student of Milne’s many years ago. When my friend wanted his book back, I found I couldn’t live without it and tracked down Glen’s web site.

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