Beware of helpful hints

If you are going to govern with Policy Governance, you have to learn the model. I am concerned that, by writing this blog, someone may think that this is a course in Policy Governance. It is not. [More in the next pane…]

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For most jobs out there you will find consultants and speakers who have some quick and easy ways to improve your performance.

  • 10 sure-fire ways to motivate your employees.
  • 15 ways to save time and improve your efficiency.
  • 20 techniques to turn prospects into customers.

Policy Governance is not like that. While the system contains lots of good advice for better governing, using only some of the model does not mean that you will govern better.

You cannot test Policy Governance by trying out a few of its features.

As a consultant I have seen several organizations that have adopted a veneer of Policy Governance, but are avoiding some of the important features of the model. I call this Policy Governance Lite. At best this is a weak form of governance, and at worst it can be irresponsible.

This blog will talk about some of the aspects of Policy Governance, and I will discuss some points about governing in general. If you are intrigued by what is said here, you will have to proceed by learning about the whole model.

As this site develops I will include sources and references so you can begin your journey.

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