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How to govern
The responsibility of governing
Being a board member is easy
The Role of Governance
The size of the board
The unpaid – volunteer – board member
Attendance at board meetings
The Tools and Techniques of Governance are Different from those of Management
It is about values (What is a policy?)

Editorial on Governing
When the members of the board are outstanding managers
The effective committee, task force, or work group
Effective politics in a democratic culture

Your Organization
What is your VISION?
Leading From Behind
New Board Member Recruitment (for a non-profit organization)
Small society – perhaps the staff is not paid
We’re working on it

Governing Using Policy
Implied Policy
The power of policy
Making Policy – Canadian Federal Policy

Governing Using Policy Governance
Why try to govern with Policy Governance?
So you have been asked to join a Policy Governance board
The board’s job description
Beware of helpful hints
Learn to govern out of your policy book
The distinction between ends and means when using Policy Governance
When the staff cannot deliver
Diligence in monitoring with Policy Governance
We are a Policy Governance board and we are not allowed to talk to you
Governing time 1 – the oversight is done

Governing Using Ends
Writing Ends can be difficult in our culture
Ends recognize community needs – not personal visions
Writing Ends – a discussion of the syntax
Writing Ends is an iterative process
A Perspective on Ends — Community Transformation

Monitoring Using Policy Governance
CEO’s Reasonable Interpretation — What is this?
CEO to express reasonable interpretation with operational definitions
Monitoring report includes the accomplishment of the interpretation
Monitoring report received with a formal motion
Possible board action following receipt of a monitoring report

Miscellaneous Topics
Building Walls – Building Visions